Introducing the Mooks POM Strap!

With the Mooks POM Strap you can take your hound into any environment & not have a single worry (about losing their device)! 

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Mooks & Nite Life Kennel

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered up with Nite Life Kennel! They did a full review of our Mooks Collars and the results are in! Make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel! Not only will you see our collars in action, but they provide a valuable resource for tips and tricks for training, hunting and products you’ll want to have to do both! 

Mooks POM Strap

Another great video from Nitelife! 

What You Get With Us!

Why Choose A Mooks Collar?

The Mooks Collar is one of a kind! This strap collar not only offers adjustable sizing, but is equipped with a single metal quick release buckle! Gone are the days of wrestling with that hound to get their tracking or training device on! 

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